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Physiotherapy Services in Ahmedabad

PLS – Patient Life Support was established with the aim to help people suffering from varied physical conditions like inflammation and pain with the scientifically proven, one of the most effective ways to bring back normal physical functioning and also to prevent pain and injury.Physiotherapists are the health care professionals who assesses the problems of patient, diagnose with relevant questioners and reports and then tailor the treatment.Special rehabilitation program for you

Everyone is different and so his physical attributes. You might have totally different symptoms and signs than that of other person. Our physiotherapist are certified physiotherapist who tailor a special program of rehabilitation for you. The program is also tailored with a wake of your other health conditions and your age.

Physiotherapy in Ahmadabad is vast in demand and the physiotherapist at the PLS helps you achieve your goal of get moving. He helps you with a suit of programs specially created for you. It’s the special exercise program customize to meet patient’s explicit needs. The exercise is intended to improve patient’s function and mobility.

Our intention is to provide this valuable service of Physiotherapy in Ahmadabad at your doorstep to set you free from worry of searching the Best Physiotherapy canter in Ahmedabad. Generally patient who need help of treatment of physiotherapy to treat symptoms of injury, illness, or disability, contact us to get the best physiotherapy treatment at home.

Our Service is for Patients who Require Intensive Rehabilitation are as Following.

  • Demyelinating disorders

  • Head injury

  • Immobility due to any reason

  • Critical illness polyneuropathy

  • Decondition and debility

  • Hypoxic brain injury

  • Polytrauma

  • Multiple organ failures

  • Surgical management of deformities, contracture and pressure ulcers

  • Stroke

  • Spinal cord injury

We have highly qualified physiotherapists at PLS having specialization in varied areas. Physiotherapy normally involves therapy that includes manual therapy to stretch stiff joints as well as therapeutic massage to loosen tight muscles. stretching and strengthening exercises are prescribed by the doctors to improve the condition of pain and stiffness of muscle. He helps you with the regular home exercise. Well equipped physiotherapy service at your doorstep

There are sophisticated equipments involved with physiotherapy treatment.

  • Electrical machines to stimulate weak muscles

  • Electrical machines for reducing pain

Feel free to consult the physiotherapy specialist. Our physiotherapy consultants visit you at your convenience at your given time.

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